Кальяны Ferro
Компания Ferro Hookah существует на рынке с 2015 года.

Появление «Ферро» обозначило период ухода с рынка кальянов с ограниченным сроком службы. За 2 года кальян неоднократно преобразился, поменяв блюдце и клапан, и получил такие приятные мелочи, как регулируемый диффузор, безотказный двойной клапан продувки и внутреннюю полировку деталей.

Ferro Hookah
Ferro Hookah company has been active on the since 2015.

Appearing of "Ferro" marked the period of exclusion of "limited-lifetime" hookahs from the market. Our hookah has been improved several times over the last two years, including the change of tray and release valve. Now it has an adjustable diffuser, trouble-free blowdown valve and its parts are polished on the inside.

Our efforts did not go unnoticed by the hookah community as the jury declared Ferro as the "Brand of the year" at the largest russian exhibition "Hookah Club Show 2017".

So far , "Ferro" hookahs are the main attraction of the most famous russian franchises: "Chaihona #1", "Hookah Place", "Unique Hookahplace", "Hookah Box", "Gustoi", "Shishka", "Smoke Spot", "Nargillia", "Lounge" and many of others.

Вся проделанная над кальяном работа не осталась незамеченной сообществом, и в 2017 году Ferro Hookah признан «Брендом Года» по версии жюри крупнейшей кальянной выставки Hookah Club Show 2017.
На сегодняшний день кальяны «Ферро» украшают заведения самых известных франшиз России: «Чайхона #1», Hookah Place, «Уникальные Кальянные», Hookah Box, «Густой», «Шишка», Smoke Spot, Nargillia Lounge и т. д.
Ferro - is a hookah for professionals.

Well aware of the needs of our customers, Ferro Hookah offers the product for those, who do not perceive the hookah smoking as just an ordinary hobby.

From the very first hookah model we aimed at meeting the needs of the most demanding and discerning customers who are the masters of their craft, who are knowledgeable both in smoking features and in the specifics of hookah use experience.

If the appearance of Ferro speaks for itself, its construction hides a lot of subtle details, which can be noticed only by the masters, who invested considerable amounts in renovation of the hookah inventory. We did our best to extend the life of the device by using the best materials possible, and protecting its most vulnerable parts from being damaged.

Bearing in mind the value our customers set upon their time, we considered the service speed and simplicity as one of our top priorities even on the stage of development.

In the course of two year renovation, we have taken into account an impressive number of feedbacks and suggestions from the leaders of the industry and now we are ready to present the final version of Ferro One and the new Ferro Classica.